At Bulk Bag Unloading, our aim is to provide the safe, efficient, and easy handling of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) or bulk bags, single use, or re-usable.

We offer complete solutions from bulk bag unloading, refilling and weighing, to material handling conveying systems.

Our bulk bag lifting frames are available for operation with a forklift or an overhead powered hoist. Both models are designed and certified to handle and discharge bulk bags weighing up to 2 Tonne.

Our bulk bag fillers are designed to be safe and easy to use with a simple but effective design. They can accommodate a range of bag sizes and have an accurate, automated weighing system.

Conveying systems can be designed to suit your application and product requirements.

Whatever the industry we can provide systems to suit materials including plastic resins, grains, powders, pellets or sands etc.

Conveniently located in Brisbane QLD and Hamilton NZ, our products are provided flat packed or partially assembled for delivery worldwide.